Maha Kundalini Tantra™ teacher training

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Principles of training

Tantra meets life directly, face-to-face, without thinking “this is good” or “this is bad” “this is right” or “this is wrong”. Tantra is ‘opinionless’ (or: free from opinion).

Tantra says YES to everything. It never says NO to anything. Tantra uses free will to choose without judgement.Tantra never says NO to anything at all, because everything is part of the Whole, and everything has its place in the Whole.

A tantric lifestyle means being neither oppressive nor submissive. Tantric experience is possible when you are in deep meditation. Everything in life is a lesson and a teacher at the same time. Life is meditation.

Yoga says, “do something” and Tantra says, “do nothing”. Yoga is ego-oriented and Tantra, from the very first start, is non-ego oriented. Yoga, ultimately, reaches the point where Tantra begins, and asks of the Yogi to detach from his ego – but only at the end.

Where yoga ends, Tantra begins. The pinnacle of yoga, is the starting point of Tantra. Yoga can prepare you for Tantra, because the ultimate goal is to be effortless, free and natural. Maha Kundalini Tantra focuses on reaching ‘effortlessness’ and being ‘mind-less’. By awakening the Kundalini energy through all chakras and unification of the Shiva and Shakti energy in the human body with effort and mindfulness, this effortlessness and mindlessness can be achieved.

The illusion of contradiction between the journey and her goal is the best example of the tantric lifestyle. “Never give up and always let go” is the hardest art to learn. An effortless and natural lifestyle is the greatest nightmare of the mind, and the mind will struggle for its life.

The Yoga mind fights against the Tantra heart. The Yoga mind refuses to be accepted by the Tantra heart. The illusion of separation fights against the endless sea of Unity. The part fights the whole.

The study program Maha Kundalini Tantra teacher ™ contains the same mind paradox; it’s a training to become untrained, or un-trained.

Maha Kundalini Tantra ™ is a powerful, intense and dynamic form of Tantra, and has the goal to transform the experiance duality into oneness by using various techniques. These techniques serve to awaken the Kundalini energy, and pay special attention to the spinal column and the endocrine and chakra system.


In our daily lives we are exposed to many things that blind us; these stun our consciousness and block our development. You can think of:

  • Norms & values
  • Ideals & ideas
  • Opinions & beliefs
  • Knowledge & ‘knowing’
  • Rituals & superstitions
  • Sacred cows & golden calves
  • Prejudices & conclusions
  • Goals & measures


The above things are the results of our reactions to our thoughts on reality. They have nothing to do with reality itself! These so-called ‘blinders’ hold us to our thoughts on reality.
This training is aimed at recognizing our ‘blinders’ in real time and at exposing these blinders so that you can disengage yourself from this by using Maha Kundalini Tantra™ techniques.


According to Tantra’s philosophy, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness. In the manifestation of the universe, this pure consciousness seems to be divided into two poles or sides that neither can exist without the other. One side of it, Shiva, is male, static, and is characterized by unmanifested consciousness. Shiva has the power to be, but not the power to become or change. The other side, Shakti, is feminine, dynamic, energetic and creative. Shakti is the Great Mother of the universe, for it is she who is born of all form. According to Tantra, man is a miniature universe. Everything that exists in the cosmos can be found within each individual, and the same principles that apply to the universe also apply to the individual. In humans, Shakti, the female aspect, is called Kundalini.

Potential power

Tantra practitioners have realized that there is a potential force present in the physical body. It is not a psychological, philosophical or transcendent force, it is a dynamic potential force in the physical body, it is called Kundalini.

Content of the training


  • The intention and ability of the student to transform knowledge and wisdom into a tantric way of life.
  • The student undergoes a reprogramming and development process and has to learn some theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • The student is trained as a teacher Maha Kundalini Tantra with the aim of transferning the tantric way of life and techniques in a responsible and knowledgeable way and to guide both individuals and groups in their path of Kundalini Tantra.
  • The training focuses on intensive practice of Maha Kundalini Tantra techniques, the development of personal transformation and self-manifestation as well as on the Tantra as a living and working method.
  • The training is mainly practical and teaches you to apply the basic techniques of Maha Kundalini Tantra.

Maha Kundalini Tantra™ is practiced using the following techniques and means:

  • Pranayama’s (breathing techniques)
  • Mahakundaliniasana (group structure asanas)
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Mahacakra techniques (manipulation of chakras)
  • Kamamudra (tantric yoga with a physical partner)
  • Stimulation, manipulation and control of sexual energy.
  • Meditation ( Maha Kundalini Tantra techniques)
  • Nada yoga (practicing, understanding and consciously using vibrations)

The focus on a deep personal development of the student is supported and guided by the Maha Kundalini Tantra techniques.

The process of personal transformation and self-manifestation consists of 4 phases:
Phase 1: Conscious creation of your thoughts (reprogramming)
Phase 2: Consciously creating your subjective reality through your thoughts.
Phase 3: Fully and daily use your natural talents and traits
Phase 4: Living to the Maha Kundalini tantric doctrine


The lessons offered are both theoretical and practical in nature, but the emphasis will be on practice. In the course you will be given the following course:


Experiencing the relationship between breath, emotions, body and consciousness and practical practicing postures and techniques.
Breathing movement: the different movements and their influence on kundalini energy through physical, mental and emotional
aspects; conscious manipulation of kundalini energy: learning to aim, steer, block, charge and discharge the life energy; different breathing techniques for different purposes.

Maha Kundalini Tantra Asana’s

The influence of different physical postures on the Kundalini energy and emotions.
Maha Kundalini Tantra asana’s
Polarity Exercises
Observation Individual Posture

Kriya yoga

(The name comes from Sanskrit: kri – act, and ya – soul).
To consciously perceive the soul, or divine in the Self and to express it in all activities by consciously making use of the three main Nadis: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.
Meditation Techniques
Visualization Techniques

Kundalini Chakra Leather

To learn about the practical and theoretical aspects of the tantric chakra model, the different chakra energies. Becoming aware of the efficacy of the energy of the various chakras and gaining insight into the relationship between the chakras and the Kundalini energy.


(tantric yoga with a physical partner)
Goal setting:
Learning the technique of exchanging Kundalini energy between 2 or more people and learning to build up this Kundalini manifestation.
Introduction of tummo basics: a meditation technique used in Tibetan Buddhism.
Jointly performing asanas and tantric rituals.

Concentration and Meditation

Developing the ability to concentrate and its role in the process of awakening the Kundalini.
Practicing different forms of meditation for different purposes and development of concentration.

Empty Touch®: ‘Mindless’ touch.

Synchronization of energy exchange and balancing the chakras.

Un-minding®: De-Minden®

To circumvent the mind and its thought processes.
Offering tools that provide opportunities to act and respond without the mind’s ‘safety filters’. Bypassing (to pass) the mind is necessary to get past the iron grip of the mind, control and wanting to understand it with the goal of achieving and maintaining a truly complete, long-lasting spiritual development.

Tantric Relationships Module

Awareness and application of a tantric lifestyle in different relationships.
Polarity and duality play a big role in relationships. Each interaction with another is an energy exchange with a direct influence on consciousness and one’s own Kundalini energy.
Recognition of the different energetic relationships and their influence on your life are discussed.

Nutrition and Kundalini energy.

Gain insight into the relationship between Kundalini rise and change of eating habits and diet.
Nutrition plays a major role in the process of awakening the Kundalini energy. Fasting, cleansing and purifying foods as well as vitamins and minerals are discussed.

Personal lesson presentation

Gain insight into the laws of a lesson presentation and can make use of it in such a way that the content of the lesson is optimally highlighted.
Within the ‘Presentation’ classes we are working on: Chakra energies, speech, voice, posture, breath and eye contact. Personal learning points are identified with which the pupils also get to work at home.

Training structure


Daniel Yuno was born in Israel and has been teaching courses, lectures, trainings and retreats in the field of Tantra and spirituality for 27 years. Daniel is a tantric teacher and the founder of the tantric stream Maha Kundalini Tantra. Since 2015 he teach Maha Kundalini Tantra Teacher Trainings. In addition to Tantra, Daniel Yuno teaches Meditation, Universal Consciousness and Tantric Relationship Models.

Study investment

In addition to the lessons, you need to take into account the necessary self-study. Daily, throughout the training period you will have to spend 1 to 2 hours a day practicing the doctrine (these are also homework assignments)

Conditions for participation in the training

You are at least 23 years old and have at least 2 years of experience with yoga You have a healthy physical and mental condition and are free of injuries. Practicing the Maha Kundalini Tantra classes is quite intensive so a good physical condition is required. Furthermore, a reasonable command of the English language is necessary because the lessons will be given partly in English.

Prior to registration, you must participate in an information afternoon and there is an admissions interview with the teacher. You can request the admission interview with the admission form.

Accreditation and certification

The training is completed with the award of a certificate or complition provided that the following conditions are met:
Attendance of minimum 95%. Participation in the lessons is mandatory.
All parts are sufficiently rounded.
Final exam theory: With an average grade of 6 you passed, with an average grade of 5.9 you did not pass.
Final exam practice: The teacher decides whether you have passed or not based on your performance. If you have not passed, you will be offered the opportunity to retake the exam on the same weekend.

The certificate of complition meets the requirements of the International Maha Kundalini Tantra Teachers Association (IMKTTA) and also entitles you to membership of the IMKTTA.
Certified Maha Kundalini Tantra Teachers comply with the IMKTTA Code of Ethics for Maha Kundalini Tantra Teachers by their membership

After completing the training you will be able to teach independently to both individuals and (specific) groups. You can start your own Kundalini Tantra practice or work as an independent at other tantra and yoga schools.

IMKTTA Digital Teacher’s Bank

Maha Kundalini Tantra teachers can register free of charge in the digital teacher bank. The IMKTTA logo may be used by graduates in their own publications and advertisements.

Registration and registration

Registration is final if you have signed the registration form and have paid the registration fee/deposit and the full amount, or the first term. Cancellation may occur in the event of insufficient sign-ups. If the training is cancelled, the return of the entire amount paid will take place.

Each student bears full responsibility for his or her health. By signing the registration form, you also declare that you are physically healthy and do not have any medical complaints that could hinder full participation in the training program.

By signing the registration form, you agree to take full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damage that may arise from participation in the training programme. Furthermore, you knowingly and voluntarily declare that you will refrain from future claims against the teacher, for any injury and any damage that you might suffer by participating in the curriculum.

As a student in this course, you are required to report injuries that arise during the training period, a possible pregnancy, but also any medical complaints that may affect your participation in the program, as soon as possible to the teacher of the training.

For more information, please email